How does staking work in the terminal?

On-chain Mechanics

Staking vs. Account Balance

We use the wallet on-chain delegation balance. This means we are approving your ADA for staking at the some time that the Stake pool accepts them. From the moment you decided to start delegating, you will need to wait 10 days (2 epochs) to be approved.

Learn more about the staking & reward cycle here.

Account Balance

This is the balance that you have actively in your connected wallet. This is what you see when you fund your wallet or move ADA around and you complete your confirmations.

Staking Balance

This is the balance that has been cleared by the stake pool and have passed the 10 days holding period. Each ADA has it's own countdown so if you have had multiple tx's then you will see ADA in different amounts pass the staking delay.

Staked ADA in the image above is greater than the ada balance because this is the amount of ada staked successfully for the during epoch before moving a small amount. These will correct after the next 10 days.

Whale Capping

To prevent whale takeovers we have implemented an ADA maximizer limit. We will meter how much additional ADA passed the required total that your platypuses need to qualify for staking. Each NFT comes with a 310 ADA allowance (reward cap).

This requires users to stake more platypus NFTs to allow more of their additional ADA to be used toward their staking weighted score.

Example: 2 NFT = 100 ADA to qualify, but allow 620 ADA of excess ADA in your balance not used to qualify platy NFTs. If you have 2000 ADA then 1900 ADA will be left over. 620 ADA will be allowed to use towards your weighted score. That is 1280 ADA that needs more NFTs staked to increase you ADA multiplier balance.

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