Platypus Cyberpunks

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Platypus Cyberpunks

  • Total Supply: 5,555

  • Purpose: These NFTs will be used for membership authentication, pool staking, air drops and future platform specific functionality

  • Policy ID: 787a6798527b21ad0e0f62c021b4ce036513a2d3342b5cb519d2ca19


  • Access Private Discord Community

  • Access Platform Benefits and Features

  • 0.5x VNM Staking Reward Multiplier for WMSY Pool (Stackable)

  • 1350 VNM Token Allotment for One Time Airdrop Event (claimable on NISO completion)

  • 310 ADA Allowance Cap

  • Rarity perks by trait and rank can be viewed in detail here

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